OVERLAND PARK – The Singularis Group announced today that Kristian Van Meteren has consolidated his ownership stake in The Singularis Group and, effective today, will own 100% of the nationally recognized political marketing firm.

Van Meteren noted, “When nearly twenty years ago, Jared Suhn and I launched this company in my East Topeka basement, few had any idea what it would grow into or how instrumental it would become in impacting the political landscape across America.  Over the years, the firm has received numerous honors and accolades for the quality of its work.  However, I consider our greatest achievement to be the hundreds of conservative candidates we’ve helped elect to public office and the scores of right-leaning organizations we’ve helped to advance their agendas.  That work is far from finished and will continue for the foreseeable future.

Having launched this business as an outgrowth of our personal political activism, I’m pleased to say that, politically, Kansas is a far different place today than it was two decades ago.  I’m proud that the entire Singularis team has had a hand in that and that our impact is today felt from coast-to-coast.  Jared Suhn has played a tremendous role in shaping this company and the political environment in which it operates.  Our heartfelt thanks and best-wishes are with him as he launches a new chapter in his life and career.”

“It’s an exciting time for both the firm and its clients,” Van Meteren continued. “Standing proudly on our accomplishments and track record, we relish the opportunity to continue advancing the bedrock truths that have long defined American conservatism.  Tools change.  Tactics change.  Truth, by definition, never changes.”

Van Meteren said that further announcements will be forthcoming regarding the firm’s realignment and expansion.