Kansas City’s Jared Suhn Named to National Top 40 List

Jared-SuhnWEBAAPC recognizes Suhn as one of the best campaign pros in America, only winner from Missouri and Kansas

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Singularis Group principal and creative director Jared Suhn is the only person from Missouri and Kansas to be honored by the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) as one of the nation’s best and brightest campaign professionals.

“This is a major honor,” said AAPC President Art Hackney. “The AAPC is proud to recognize leaders and innovators such as Jared who have already positively impacted our industry.”

The AAPC announced the winners of the first ever 40 Under 40 Awards at the 2015 Annual Pollie Awards & Conference this month in New Orleans. The Pollie Awards (Pollies) are bipartisan honors awarded annually by the AAPC to members of the political advertising and communications industry who have demonstrated superior work on behalf of their candidates and causes. Esquire has dubbed the Pollies “the Oscars of political advertising.”

AAPC Vice President Mark Mellman said, “Competition for the inaugural 40 under 40 list was intense. Our bipartisan team of judges reviewed the resumes of many very accomplished pollsters, advertising executives, researchers, campaign managers, and digital strategists from across the political spectrum.”

Only 15 Republicans, 15 Democrats, and 10 nonpartisan operatives in the United States were named to the exclusive list. Award winners were graded on a 40‐point scale and selected for extraordinary achievements in politics and public affairs. Contributions to the health of the political business community through volunteer work and other forms of philanthropy were also considered.

Click here to view the full list of the 2015 class of 40 Under 40 winners.


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Founded in 1969, the AAPC is a multi‐partisan organization of political and public affairs professionals dedicated to improving democracy. The AAPC has over 1,250 members hailing from all corners of the globe. It is the largest association of political and public affairs professionals in the world.

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