Our Clients

Federal Candidate Committees

Pawlenty for President
McCain Palin
Brownback for President
Pat Roberts for Senate
Jerry Moran for Senate
Deb Fischer for Senate
John Brunner for Senate
Team DeMint
Adam Hansner for Senate
Ted Cruz for Senate
Hartzler for Congress
Huelskamp for Congress
Bachmann for Congress
Vern Buchanan for Congress
Bobby Schilling for Congress
Steve Daines for Congress
Adams for Congress
Jordan for Congress
Warren for Congress
Ryun for Congress

Statewide Candidate Committees

Brownback for Governor
Dockery for Governor
Shallenburger for Governor
Kobach for Secretary of State
Kline for Attorney General
Carter for Insurance Commissioner
Simpson for Attorney General

Issue Groups and PACs

Americans for Tax Reform
Americans for Prosperity
American Majority
Club for Growth
Michele PAC
Senate Conservatives Fund
College Republican National Committee
Reynolds American
Missouri Right to Life
Missourians Against Human Cloning
National Rifle Association
National Association of Realtors ®
National Association of Home Builders PAC
Florida Builders for a Better Economy
South Carolina Association of REALTORS®
Kansas Chamber of Commerce
Kansas Association of Realtors ®

Party Committees

Montana Republican Party
Kansas Republican Party
North Carolina Republican Party
Republican Party of Iowa
Republican House Campaign Committee
Nebraska Republican Party
130+ State Senate Candidates in 17 States
300+ State House Candidates in 35 States

Partial listing.