North Carolina House

The challenge given to The Singularis Group from North Carolina Republican leaders was clear:  “Build our majority in the State House of Representatives.”  We accepted that challenge eagerly and energetically, determined to make headway in a state that has, for several election cycles, been considered among the most purple of states.

The Democrats, who had controlled the State House of Representatives for decades prior to 2010, were determined to win it back, even announcing that they were bringing their national convention to Charlotte to demonstrate their commitment to winning the Tarheel State.  But Republicans dug in and were convinced that, as Barack Obama’s party marched sharply left, it was leaving many North Carolina voters behind.

Understanding that all politics are local, The Singularis Group worked with party staff and advisors to create a district-by-district mail plan that brought the GOP message right down to where voters live.  Specifically, TSG was tapped to design, print and mail hard-hitting pieces that clearly explained to the voters how out of step the Democrats had become with their values.

It worked.

North Carolina House Republicans added nine new seats to their existing majority — twice as many as they had hoped going into the election.  Of TSG’s work, Matt Bales (Political Director of North Carolina’s Republican House Caucus) said, “Visually appealing, on message with a sense of class describes the caliber of mail you can expect from The Singularis Group.  Their entire team understands more than just design; they understand how to help candidates connect with voters with an unmatched product.”