Minnesota GOP

In the 2014 Election Cycle, the Minnesota House Republican Caucus sought a new path to win back the majority.  It wouldn’t be easy, with Minnesota being a deeply blue state and with top-of-the-ticket Democratic candidates like Senator Al Franken and Governor Mark Dayton cruising to relatively easy re-election wins.  In order to win, Minnesota Republicans had to out-strategize and out-work their Democrat opponents in swing districts.

The Singularis Group (TSG) is no stranger to winning majorities in tough states.  In 2012, TSG helped the North Carolina House Republican Caucus win an unprecedented House majority.  Those experiences proved to be helpful in assisting Minnesota Republicans’ efforts to win key battleground House races.

TSG was retained to design direct mail campaigns in several targeted races by Minnesota Republicans.  With Minnesota’s media markets and mailboxes cluttered with campaign advertising throughout the fall, our team knew that our candidates’ direct mail needed to stand out to be effective.

Our strategy was to promote our Minnesota House candidates as positive, fresh and community-oriented leaders who were running against the status quo in St. Paul.  We contrasted those backgrounds with the political establishment candidates the Democrats were running – often in a humorous light.

With TSG’s help in several very close races, Election Night was a tremendous success for Minnesota House Republicans.  While Senator Franken and Governor Dayton won convincingly, Minnesota House Republicans picked up 11 seats and captured a 72-62 majority.