Kansas House

A mind-boggling 97 House Republicans have now taken their seats in Topeka. That’s 78 percent of the House of Representatives in a state with only 44 percent of voters registered as Republican.

This is no accident. The Singularis Group provided general consulting services to the Kansas Republican House Campaign Committee (RHCC) in 2010, 2012 and 2014, developing and executing all media, mail, and phone strategies. Our partnership with RHCC achieved landmark gains —

2008: 76 Republican House members

2010: Historic 16 GOP seat gain

2012: Maintained 92 seat majority

2014: Gained five additional seats to deliver a 97-seat GOP majority!

Although 2014 was a difficult re-election year for several prominent statewide candidates, the Kansas GOP House caucus not only retained the landmark 92-seat majority achieved in prior elections — Republicans expanded their majority to 97.

As a team in 2014, we fiercely defended 92 incumbents who stood for re-election, as well as another who had previously won 11 times as a Democrat but who ran as a Republican for the first time this year. All won.

We successfully safeguarded seats vacated by retiring Republicans.

We successfully flipped a seat vacated by a retiring Democrat.

And we involuntarily retired three more House liberals for a tremendous two-thirds success rate in the most difficult targeted races of all: challenger races.

The RHCC’s aggressive approach over the last few election cycles, in partnership with Singularis, has brought House Democrats to utter ruin.