Jerry Moran

In 2010, Kansas Republicans saw a primary election like no other when Senator Sam Brownback declined to seek re-election, creating an open U.S. Senate seat.  Both Congressman Jerry Moran and Todd Tiahrt announced early on their intention to run for the seat. With both men very popular in their respective Congressional districts the battle for the nomination would come down to one of resources as they battled it out for support among the state’s remaining two Congressional Districts.

Nearly two years before the race started, Congressman Moran began laying the groundwork necessary for his anticipated run. He enlisted the help of The Singularis Group, to begin broadening his base of support and introducing himself to Republican donors and activists around the state. TSG has a long and successful record of winning primary after primary in closely matched contests.

By the time Tiahrt entered the Senate primary in 2009, TSG had already built Moran’s low dollar donor file into one of the largest in Kansas political history. With each passing quarter leading up to the election, TSG helped Moran employ a one-two fundraising strategy, aggressively prospecting far beyond traditional fundraising lists and re-engaging his existing donors with house file appeals. For five quarters in a row, Moran out-raised Tiahrt by significant margins.

What made Moran’s fundraising numbers even more impressive was the small amount of money he spent to raise that money, allowing him to bank much more campaign cash than other campaigns engaged in aggressive prospecting. Key to that equation was TSG. While Tiahrt relied on a Beltway firm to conduct his direct mail fundraising, Moran went with a Midwest firm, keeping his costs down and his net bankable cash high.

Using a DC-based firm, Tiahrt actually spent more than he brought in for several quarters, crippling his cash on hand, creating damaging media stories, causing widespread speculation about campaign mismanagement and concerns among donors about slipping support.  In the end, those crucial dollars that Tiahrt wasted on expensive and ineffective fundraising appeals contributed to his loss.

TSG and the Moran campaign worked in tandem to target precisely the right type of GOP donors who would be moved by Moran’s message to the point of opening their checkbooks. Having previously worked at the national level with groups like Club for Growth, Senate Conservatives Fund, Michele PAC, Americans for Prosperity and American Majority in building up their low dollar donor bases, TSG employed its unique and valuable experience to coach Moran on which rental lists would be the most responsive to his message.

Understanding one’s prospective donors and the type of messaging and packaging that will be the most effective in reaching them is vital to the success of any direct mail solicitation effort.

TSG has helped grow the donor bases of many of the nation’s leading conservative candidates and organizations. The firm’s extensive experience working with fiscal and social conservatives has given the firm’ principals a great grasp of how to appeal to all conservative segments within the GOP.

But most importantly, TSG has a proven track record of getting winning results for their clients. By keeping down costs, they allow clients to turn a profit on their direct mail investment, creating quicker break-evens and turning low-dollar fundraising into a money making endeavor.

As one client says. “Whenever we use The Singularis Group, we make money.”  We could ask for no better compliment.